"Wealth begins in your mind"

Listen to extraordinary stories of individuals who have successfully gained the knowledge and experience to leave their day jobs to pursue their passions.

Our Episodes

S:4 Ep: 6 Trax Starz ” StarBorn “

This episode featuring an incredible guest, Trax Starz making his first appearance on 95killers podcast. He shares his journey of discovering his love for motorcycles while growing up in the streets of New York. Later becoming a brand ambassador for some of the top motorcycle...

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S:4 Ep: 5 Christopher Korey ” Life Editor “

Today’s guest Christopher Korey makes his second appearance on 95killers podcast to share how the business thrived during a global pandemic, expanding the ckc brand and using social media as a positive tool to uplift and inspire others.

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S:4 Ep: 4 Francis London “Black Swan”

Today’s guest is a  Fashion Designer and founder of  UglyDuklyn  a clothing brand that aspires to bring change through fashion, music, art and world education. UglyDuklyn lives in a space of luxury street wear providing luxury accessories and unique elevated pieces. founder of UglyDuklyn...

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S:4 Ep: 3 Felix Paredes “Harlem Cigar Man”

Today’s guest is an incredible businessman and entrepreneur who came to the United States from the Dominican Republic with his mother and siblings when he was 19. After working in a corporate environment as a sales manager with a large beer distributor and later...

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S:4 EP: 2 Gary Ajene “The T-Shirt King”

Gary Ajene  is an incredible entrepreneur who has been successful offline and in the YouTube space! He started his company Tshirt Help Desk in 2011  with one goal in mind: To give aspiring creators a fighting chance by providing insider information on starting a...

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S:4 EP: 1 Mustafa Abbas “Never Compare”

Today our guest is a thought leader and serial entrepreneur, Who has started three successful businesses from scratch.   The first business is Chivalry: Gentlemen’s Salon, founded in 2013, located in Downtown Dubai. Voted as one of the top premier barbershops by GQ, Esquire, and...

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