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S:3 EP: 9 Marie-Ann Liriano ” Connection Queen”

Today’s guest is an incredible businesswoman, activist, and entrepreneur. She coordinates luxury events for A-list clientele with CEO and...

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S:3 EP: 8 Noel Smith ” The Legacy of Mr Smith”

Noel Smith is an amazing  father , entrepreneur and businessman. After losing  his job right after the birth of...

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S:3 EP: 7 Andre Mcdonnell “Sole Surthriver”

Andree Mcdonell’s guest discovered his passion 9 years ago to provide sneakers to the less fortunate by starting the...

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S:3 EP: 6 NAZIM IZZAK ” Designer 4 Life”

Producer, Creative Director, Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur & father are just a few titles Nazim Izzak has under his belt....

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S:3 EP: 5 Kynsho Functional Style

Welcome to season 3 episode 5 of the 95 Killers podcast. I’m your host Glen Graham today. Our guest...

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S:3 EP: 4 Vera Moore ” Moore Fabulous”

Our guest is an actress/entrepreneur. who realized the need to fill the void for quality cosmetics especially for women...

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S:3 EP: 3 ” NGO The Unstoppable”

 NGO moved to America from Nigeria when he was 18 years with only 1000 dollars to his name. He...

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S:3 EP: 2 “Time Is Priceless” feat Jessie Williams

Jessie Williams is an entrepreneur who knows her numbers as a CPA with a private practice. Jessie empowers new...

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