How to sell online 2 day workshop

How to sell online 2 day workshop

March 26th and 27th, I’m holding a two-day online workshop on how to sell online Saturday and Sunday Sorry to disappoint, there are no tricks in this two-day workshop. We will be focusing on the things that interest or excite people about what we’re offering? What’s been working for you and has not been working. Why would someone buy a product or service from you instead of somebody else with a similar offer?”
To be successful, how to engage with potential online customers and make them feel like they can trust you enough that when ordering, their purchase will go smoothly without any hassle whatsoever! What’s the benefit of the business? What’s in it for them?
On day two, we will look at case studies and analyze your online business strategy to see how you can increase buzz around your business outside of your circle. I’ll provide tangible things I have done to strike a chord with people online. Not everyone is a customer, but fans are just as much a part of your growing business as paying clients.
I’m looking forward to teaching you how to get more online sales
for your existing business or startup!

Glen Graham

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