"Wealth begins in your mind"

Listen to extraordinary stories of individuals who have successfully gained the knowledge and experience to leave their day jobs to pursue their passions.

Our Episodes

S:3 EP: 3 ” NGO The Unstoppable”

 NGO moved to America from Nigeria when he was 18 years with only 1000 dollars to his name. He modeled for a few years for various designer brands. Became a two-time Golden gloves boxing champion went on to become a celebrity trainer to some...

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S:3 EP: 2 “Time Is Priceless” feat Jessie Williams

Jessie Williams is an entrepreneur who knows her numbers as a CPA with a private practice. Jessie empowers new and experienced business owners with the knowledge of building a business from the ground up. Jessie shows her clients how to go from working a...

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S:3 EP: 1 “Zero Regrets” feat Glen Graham 4.0

An in-depth interview with Glen Graham, founder, and host of the 95killers podcast. Find out what inspired him to start the 95killers  movement and how regret, self-doubt, and procrastination almost robbed him of his dreams. Switching his perspective was the biggest game-changer. 

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S:2 EP:10 Velvet LATTIMORE “For the love of fashion”

Velvet Lattimore gives the listener the dos and don’ts of opening a brick and mortar business. Through her real-life situations, you will get solid business advice wrapped up in short stories, sure to keep you entertained. This episode is full of tips and tricks...

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S:2 EP:9 Esther Blum” Trust your gut”

Four-time Bestselling author and dietitian Esther Blum gives sound advice about letting our gut guide us in our health and our business. You are going to learn tips for writing a book. The highs and lows of being an entrepreneur and Esther breaks down...

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S:2 EP:8 “Unconventional Dreammaker” feat Roberto Serrini

Award-winning Director & Editor Roberto Serrini creates dynamic, authentic branded films & commercials. Roberto gives insight and tips on navigating the film industry while being an entrepreneur. Through his stories, you will gain insight into how he has landed some of his biggest clients...

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