"Wealth begins in your mind"

Listen to extraordinary stories of individuals who have successfully gained the knowledge and experience to leave their day jobs to pursue their passions.

Our Episodes

S:4 EP: 2 Gary Ajene “The T-Shirt King”

Gary Ajene  is an incredible entrepreneur who has been successful offline and in the YouTube space! He started his company Tshirt Help Desk in 2011  with one goal in mind: To give aspiring creators a fighting chance by providing insider information on starting a...

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S:4 EP: 1 Mustafa Abbas “Never Compare”

Today our guest is a thought leader and serial entrepreneur, Who has started three successful businesses from scratch.   The first business is Chivalry: Gentlemen’s Salon, founded in 2013, located in Downtown Dubai. Voted as one of the top premier barbershops by GQ, Esquire, and...

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S:3 EP: 11 Princeston Drake “BBQ KING”

 Today our guest is a fantastic businessman,  entrepreneur, husband & father after being passed over for a promotion at his day job and training his new boss for the position. He had enough and enlisted in the military; after leaving the military wanting to...

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S:3 EP: 10 Brandi Biviens ” Da HaIr Plug”

Today our guest is an incredible businesswoman,  serial entrepreneur, wife & mother. After working in a corporate environment for fortune 5oo companies for over 20  years, today’s guest decided to venture out on her own to create her business. After not finding hair products...

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S:3 EP: 9 Marie-Ann Liriano ” Connection Queen”

Today’s guest is an incredible businesswoman, activist, and entrepreneur. She coordinates luxury events for A-list clientele with CEO and founder Alyi V of the Alyi V experience. She is also one of the founders behind the bride’s march, a  strong opponent against domestic violence; She...

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S:3 EP: 8 Noel Smith ” The Legacy of Mr Smith”

Noel Smith is an amazing  father , entrepreneur and businessman. After losing  his job right after the birth of his son Adonis. A close friend encouraged Noel to use his backyard as an event space and was the first customer rental. The event was...

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