S:1 Ep:8 Siren Pack “Pleasure Hunters”

I was initially captivated by the siren pack from watching images and videos of their seductive, tantalizing  performances on social media. After deciding to take my lady out on our weekly date night several months ago. I reached out to purchase tickets and Unbeknownst  to me one of the  founding members and executive producers  of  Siren Pack was my friend  Shay. Shay sent me two VIP passes to the show. My lady and I were pleasantly surprised by the quality and caliber of the show and it’s performers. Fast forward  a few months later we have been lured back each month by these enchanting mystical beings. I decided to invite Shay and one of her  business partners  Viviana to the 95killers podcast, to get a better understanding of how they flipped their passion for pleasure into  a full time profitable business.

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