S:2 EP:5 LULU LOPEZ “Flowers Not Included”

Lulu Lopez is a correspondent for red carpet events. Actress-writer & producer  Lulu has added business owner to her credits by starting a vegan makeup line Luluvbeauty. Lulu gives tips on surviving the big city as an artist.  After living in New York for only five years, Lulu has built a solid reputation as a businesswoman with her hidden talent as a master networker.

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5 comments on “S:2 EP:5 LULU LOPEZ “Flowers Not Included”

  1. This is a fantastic podcast! You two have great energy and great insight into the entrepreneurship realm. I will continue to tune in and am even interested in seeing more live videos with you and your guest! Keep them coming good brother. Blessings!

    1. Glen Graham says:

      Thanks so much my brother truly appreciate all the love and support. Looking forward to our interview.

  2. Glen Graham 4.0 says:

    I’m honored I had the honor of working with this amazing lady. Relistening to the episode online was a different feel.

  3. Vanessa O says:

    Wow this is so inspiring! These podcast episodes are so incredibly informative. I can’t wait to continue tuning in on this new seasons podcast journey. Looking forward to more!

    1. Glen Graham says:

      Thank You, Vanessa, for being so supportive since we have met. I’m glad you’re enjoying the new season.

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