Why we only use original music?

Why we only use original music?

At its core, 95killers is about financial independence for talented artists, to do what they love while being compensated, so it was a no brainer.
To hire our talented friend Travalor, a multi-talented creator turned beat maker. (We can’t wait to feature his episode on the podcast!) The music for 95killers in the about us section of our website and all of the outro music starting from episode 5 in season two was created by Travalor.

We also purchased exclusive licensing for the track titled “Underground.” directly from Travolors production company Tell-A-Vision Films. Having music created and licensed allows us to post snippets without having them flagged by social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, avoid potential lawsuits, and, most notably, not having to write the dreaded “We do not own the rights to this music” bit that’s been popping up more lately. The main joy is having a unique product and putting the money directly into the creatives’ hands. The 95killers podcast intro was created by a different friend and artist who shall be revealed in a later episode. Thanks so much to all of you creatives and supporters for spreading the word.

follow Travalor on instagram  https://www.instagram.com/travalor

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